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Did you know that Lack­ham has had a weath­er sta­tion since 1947?


Long-standing posts are of great use to the Met Office as they provide patterns of climatic data over a long period of time.

Weather stations are located all across the country, each contributing to a large network of data to giving a snapshot of localised weather, as well as helping to build an holistic view of the UK’s climate.

Lackham’s weather station is currently run by the garden’s team and farm office staff, manually recording maximum and minimum temperatures, wind speed and direction, rainfall, visibility, grass temperature, earth temperature, present weather conditions and cloud cover.

When you see the news channels report on the ‘hottest day on record’, it is often from data received at stations, such as ours. Lackham’s top temperature this year was 32.1 degrees Celsius on August 6th!

This week, Stuart from the Met Office visited Lackham as he travels all across the region, to update the electronic weather station software.

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