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Student Union

Meet Poppy Broster-Becker, your new Student Union President:

A short message from me, your Union President:

I’m Poppy, and I have recently completed my own course at Wiltshire College & University Centre at our Salisbury Campus, studying TV and Film.

My role as President is to be the voice and face of the union. I am here to promote your ideas, opinions, celebrations and thoughts to try and make a change and to make your College experience a good one. The Student Union is here to be a channel of transparent communication between the College its students, ensuring the student voice is heard, well-represented and acted upon. Some of my duties include promoting, encouraging and co-ordinating campaigns, student clubs, trips, sports and social activities.

However, ultimately my main aim is to make sure all members of the College are happy and feel that their voices are being heard.

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