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Pre-16 Offer

Wiltshire College & University Centre Pre-16 Offer 23/24

Our innovative courses give students experiences within industry standard training settings; they support students in finding their personalised career pathways. They give students an understanding of how, through education and qualifications, they can turn their interests and passions into a job.

The school link course has helped me improve my social anxiety, be more mature, and become a professional therapist for the future. I think college helps those with all sorts of difficulties.

Hair & Beauty

I like College, it's different from School, I am more active and it is a more relaxed atmosphere to learn in.



I want to be a hairdresser so coming to college gives me a head start.


Hair & Beauty

College is completely different to school - the classes are smaller, I'm treated like an adult and I like that I call the lecturers by their first names.


I like coming to college because it is much more hands on and I can get stuck in!


Hair & Beauty

I really enjoyed my course and now want to progress onto Level 2 Hairdressing. It's helped me decide that I would like to pursue a career in hair.


Hair & Beauty

Offer 1: Pre-16 (1-day a week) Vocational Courses

We have expanded our Pre-16 vocational courses to include a broad range of motivating subjects. These courses are aimed at students that have an interest in one or two subject areas and require motivation to complete their GCSEs at School. These courses may also be suitable for students who previously considered a full-time place as learners could study 2 courses to try out a few subjects before choosing a careers pathway post-16.

Courses are solely for students who are enrolled with a School, and days run from 9:00-14:00hrs. Students as young as Year 10 can apply for these courses.

Courses are vocational in nature and come with a qualification at the end of year 11. Our broad offer includes:

  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Catering
  • Construction
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Health and Social Care
  • Land-Based Studies including Agriculture and Animal Care
  • Sport and Public Services
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Welding

Please note: we will be interviewing each student for the course/s they are referred for. This is to ensure all students have an interest in the subjects they are undertaking and they are ready to learn in a College environment.

Offer 2: Bespoke Groups – SEND
  • Bespoke group for cohort from one school
  • 09:00-12:00hrs
  • No qualification, transition only

Offer 3: Bespoke Groups – Mainstream
  • Bespoke group for cohort from one school
  • 09:00-12:00hrs
  • With qualification
Offer 4: SEND Schools

Independent specialist Schools are welcome to apply for pre-16 or post-16 places when it would be beneficial for a student to attend College alongside attending School.

Schools will need to apply via the School Liaison & Admissions Manager. Please encourage students to refrain from applying through the main College site. Once an application is received, we will request a copy of the learner’s EHCP to send to our Inclusion & Support Team. If we feel we can meet the needs of the learner without the support of the school; we will recommend that the learner reapplies as a purely Wiltshire College & University Centre student. If there are elements of a learner’s plan that we cannot meet e.g. residential care, then we will continue with the application for the learner and cost up a support package.

We will not be permitting external support from schools to support learners in meeting their EHCP targets in College. This is so that we can be confident that we are providing an equal and quality experience for all Wiltshire College & University Centre learners. As a result, we will cost up a support package and agree it with the school, using our own team to support learners. We will, of course, ensure schools are fully informed of their learners’ achievement, progression, behaviour and safeguarding, as is our standard practice.

Pre-16 (1-day a week) Vocational Courses

All courses are for one day a week from 9am-2pm, not all courses are available on all campuses so please check the timetable to know where courses are taking place and on which days. All courses come with a qualification ranging from Entry Level 3 to Level 2.

Agricultural Engineering

On this course you will learn how engines and machinery work. You’ll learn the difference between petrol and diesel engines, electrics and electronics, transmissions, hydraulics and much more. You’ll be shown by our lecturers how to operate a wide range of farm machinery, from a gator to more general equipment such as fertilisers, spreaders and sprayers. Your time at College will give you an understanding of how the agricultural and land-based engineering industries operate. You’ll be immersed in an industry standard environment from day one and will achieve a qualification which will give you a head start whether you want to study further, progress onto an apprenticeship or seek employment post-16.


This is year two of the land-based studies course. In this you will achieve a qualification in Agriculture. You will take a more in depth look at the farming environment, learning about farming legislation and the broader aspects of farming. You will complete units throughout the year that will contribute to your final qualification in Agriculture. This could lead on to a career within the Agriculture industries or an apprenticeship.

Animal Care

This is year two of the land-based studies course. In this you will achieve a qualification in Animal Care. You will take a more in depth look at how to care for and enrich the life of each individual animal within the Animal Care Centre. You will complete units throughout the year that will contribute to your final qualification in Animal Care. This could lead on to a career within the Animal Care industries or an apprenticeship.


Within this two-year course you will get a flavour of the different areas of the Construction industry. You will spend time in the painting and decorating, brick and carpentry workshops learning the basic skills needed for a career in the Construction trades. Over the two years you will complete units towards a Building and Crafts Operative qualification at Level 1. From this, you could progress to a full-time course or an apprenticeship.


This is an exciting opportunity to learn catering skills within our industry standard purpose-built kitchens. You will learn basic health and safety skills alongside learning how to follow recipes to prepare a delicious menu. You will need to be dressed appropriately, with our Wiltshire College & University Centre catering jackets embroidered with your name, safety shoes and a chef’s hat and apron (this will be at an additional cost). The uniform will enhance your experience and will help you to feel the part within the industry. The qualification gained at the end of this course could lead on to any Catering course post-16 or an apprenticeship.

Health and Social Care

Within this course, you will get a taster of the different sectors within the social care sector. You will explore different visitor attractions and how those attractions meet the needs of those visiting them. You will get an insight into planning and making healthy snacks to meet individual needs, including the health and safety requirements when preparing food. You will also learn how to advise others about health lifestyles looking at the effects of drugs, smoking and alcohol. At the end of these units, you will achieve a qualification which will support an application to a full time Health and Social Care course post-16.

Hair and Beauty

Over this two-year course you will spend a year in the Hair department creating your own innovative styles and designs and learning techniques essential to the industry. You will also spend a year within the Beauty department. Here you will learn techniques in manicuring and pedicuring alongside skills such as eyebrow shaping, learning how to apply make-up and skills in basic massage. Throughout the two years you will learn important legislation alongside chemistry, maths and biology relevant to Hair and Beauty studies. Following this course you could apply for a Hair course, Beauty course, Media Makeup course or Barbering – to name a few.

Land based studies

This is year one of a two-year programme. You will get a taster of a range of land-based studies. In Animal Care you will experience caring for small animals ranging from reptiles, rodents, goats, donkeys, guinea pigs, rabbits and birds. You will work behind the scenes in our purpose-built wildlife park at Lackham campus, learning about animal habitats and how to provide the best enrichment for the animals in your care. In Agriculture you will learn about the farming environment, including crop management, looking after the land, caring for our farm animals (cows, pigs and sheep) and working with the most up-to-date farming technology. At the end of this year, you will need to choose between Agriculture or Animal care to complete your qualification.

Sport and Public services

This is a combined course that provides you with a taster of the Sport and the Public Services Industries. The units you will cover include coaching skills and training for fitness; these are skills you will need to work within the Sport and Public Service sectors. Alongside this you will study how exercise effects the body and you will play sports such as Badminton, Football, Rugby and Hockey. You will assist in planning and taking part in an Inter-College Sports Day in the summer term. You will also learn how to develop a personal progressive plan to improve your own fitness. This could lead on to a Level 1 or Level 2 Sport or Public Services course post-16.

Vehicle Maintenance

This is a two-year course where you will work towards a certificate in year one and a diploma in year two. You will learn the basics of engines, brakes, steering and suspension. You will be taught by lecturers with a host of industry experience within our industry standard purpose-built garages. This course will prepare you to apply for a full-time course in Vehicle Maintenance or an apprenticeship within the automotive industry.


Welding is a fabrication process where two or more parts are fused together by means of heat, pressure or both forming a join as the parts cool. Welding is usually used on metals and thermoplastics but can also be used on wood. This course will give you an introduction into manual metal arc welding, MIG/MAG welding (electronic welding), thermal cutting and welding techniques. You will also have the opportunity to make a fabrication piece of artwork if you wish. This course will give you the skills to progress to a full time course or an apprenticeship in Engineering, Mechanics and Construction to name a few. The qualification you achieve will teach you key skills useful in day-to-day life and will look great on any CV.

Courses Timetable
The curriculum areas we offer vary per campus:
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Applications for both of these programmes can only be made through a school. For more information about the separate application processes, please see below:

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