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Tarot Reading — Part 1

Key course information

Arts, Creative Media and Games Development


10 weeks

Part time


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Course Overview

Have you ever wanted to be able to read Tarot Cards? Learners will receive a CD or download via email to practice between sessions, to enable them to make a true connection with the (Rider Waite) Tarot Cards. Each session will commence with a meditation session to enable learners to open their intuitive awareness. Handout sheets will be given for the cards learnt about during each session which will include the lecturer's s interpretation of the card, leaving space to allow learners to add their own interpretation of each card. Learners will receive encouragement from the lecturer and will leave each session feeling uplifted and positive.

Tarot cards in fortune teller hands concept.
Tarot cards in fortune teller hands concept.

What will I learn?

Through the meditation at the start of each session learners will discover how to open and close the 7 Chakras, how to protect their body Aura and how to ground themselves while working on an intuitive level. Learners will initially be introduced to the basics of Tarot, learning about the basic card types and how the pack is structured. In the following sessions learners will learn about the cards one by one. By the end of Part 1 learners will have improved their awareness of protection and grounding through meditation, and will have learnt approximately half of the Tarot Card pack.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements associated with this course.

Study, Assessment and Qualifications

Assessment is informal, based on your personal targets and the learning outcomes and will be undertaken regularly with you by the course lecturer.

Additional Costs and Information

Please note that it is important to arrive on time due to the meditation which takes place at the start of each session.

You should bring with you one set of Rider Waite Tarot Cards.These can be purchased through Amazon or Devizes Book Shop. However please do not purchase Tarot Cards until the College has confirmed that the course is running.

What Could I Do Next?

On completion of your course you may choose to progress onto these following courses

Arts, Creative Media and Games Development

Career Opportunities

  • Advertising
  • Fashion Design
  • Videographer

  • Producer
  • Presenter
  • Photography

There are more than 78,000 design intensive firms operating in the UK

The global games audience is estimated to be 2.4billion people

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