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Wiltshire College & University Centre Parking

The College has parking at each of its campuses and centres, available for use by students, staff and authorised visitors while on College business.

Student permits and summer holidays

Student permits for each college year (starting September) will be issued starting at enrolment and induction.

Who can register for a car parking permit, and how?

Staff and students who will use the College car parks, and those who regularly transport students to the College, should register for a car parking permit.

Students: Students will have the opportunity to register at Enrolment, in their Induction session or through the College Sharepoint once the Term has started.

Staff: New members of staff will be registered as part of their pre-employment documentation. Existing staff members who need to obtain or update a car parking permit should contact

Students and staff may register a maximum of two vehicles.

Visitors to Wiltshire College & University Centre

Please remember that all visitors (i.e. anyone who does not hold a valid Wiltshire College ID badge) must report to the Main Reception and sign in as a visitor.

Visitors should register their vehicle as they sign in at reception.

Parking and access rules

The College has an approved Vehicle Access and Car Parking Procedure. Wiltshire College reserves the right to withdraw Car Parking Permits and ban persons from bringing vehicles onto Wiltshire College sites.

Staff, students and authorised visitors may use Wiltshire College car parks only while on college business.

A person/vehicle in violation of the procedures below will be dealt with in accordance with the approved Vehicle Access and Car Parking Procedure.

Vehicle Access Speed: The speed limit on all College sites is 10 MPH.

Highway Code:

All drivers must comply with the Highway Code, including adhering to traffic and instructional signage e.g. speed limits, yellow lines, hatched areas and give way signs.

Driver and Vehicle Regulation: All vehicles accessing College sites must be insured, MOT’d and taxed in accordance with the requirements of the Highways Act 1980. Drivers must hold and be driving in accordance with an appropriate licence for their vehicle.

Motorcycles and bicycles are to be parked in specifically designated areas and not in car parking bays.

All vehicles are parked at your own risk and the College will take no responsibility for any damage to vehicles while parked on-site however caused. Some car parks are designated for student or staff use and signed accordingly – car park users must comply with these signs and display an appropriate permit in order to park there.

EV Charging Points

The College has EV charging points available for use by staff and students, these spaces are for the charging of electric vehicles only and should not be used for parking.

Visitor parking and reservation

A limited number of spaces are reserved and marked for external visitors only – these must not be used by College staff or students (note that staff or students visiting other College sites are not deemed to be visitors). Visitors’ parking spaces are bookable via reception at all major sites.

Disabled Car Parking

Disabled Car Parking Provision has been made for disabled persons by means of suitably marked accessible bays. These bays are for the use of disabled persons only: a person is considered disabled if they are registered with a local authority and are displaying a current disabled persons parking badge.

What if I have a question?

If you have a question about the use of our car parks, please contact your campus site manager or email

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