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Community Learning

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Wiltshire College & University Centre and Wiltshire Council are running a programme of Family and Community Learning sessions in 2021, designed to build confidence, develop skills and prepare adults for the workplace.

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Discovering Confidence — One Session

This course is designed to support you in the initial step back into learning. It will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and identify future steps. 

Confidence and New Directions — Five Weeks

This highly interactive course will help you identify the essential elements that will develop your confidence and motivation. A reflective and supportive approach will guide you to discover the deeper connections between self-esteem and self-confidence and how to overcome barriers to becoming a confident person. An inspiring course that will nurture your wellbeing and support your journey to becoming a more confident you!

Positive Futures — Five Weeks

This is a five-week course that sits in the wellbeing suite of courses delivered by Family and Community Learning. The course aims to develop understanding of how to make positive changes in your lives and the lives of your families. It looks at the connection between mental, physical and emotional wellbeing and gives practical tips and ideas on how to improve your wellbeing. Each week we focus on a different aspect of wellbeing and how we can make small changes in order to be happier and live more fulfilled lives.

See the Course Timetable below for full details of each session title. All sessions are held at Westbury Community Project, Eden Vale Road, Westbury, Wiltshire BA13 3NY, 1 – 3pm.

Other Courses

Basic IT Skills

This is a short course that is designed to teach you how to use a range of Microsoft programmes. You may be familiar with some aspects of Microsoft and just want to develop your wider skills, or you may be a complete beginner; either way, our experienced and knowledgeable teachers will help and support you to achieve your goals. The course runs for 5 weeks and sessions last for 2 hours.

Employability Skills

Are you keen to improve your employment prospects? Do you want help in producing a standout C.V.? Then this is the course for you. Its aim is to help you develop a range of employability skills, so whether you are returning to work after a career break, trying to find a new job or just feel that you need some help and support in a relaxed and supportive environment with experienced teachers then we can help you. We want you to be able to access the course easily, so it runs for 5 weeks, sessions last for 2 hours, and its taught during school hours and during term time.

Am I Eligible?

Eligibility Criteria

  • 19 + years 
  • Resident in this country more than 3 years (although sometimes asylum seekers may have special dispensation) 
  • Unemployed /​in receipt of benefits except: Working and Child Tax Credits 
  • Have less than 5 GCSEs A‑C
  • EU and Service families included 
  • If you have people that you are unsure fit within the criteria, we still may be able to help so please ask if there are queries.

Course Timetable

221/01/2021Discover Confidence
328/01/2021Confidence and New Directions Wk 1
404/02/2021Confidence and New Directions Wk 2
511/02/2021Confidence and New Directions Wk 3
618/02/2021Confidence and New Directions Wk 4
725/02/2021Confidence and New Directions Wk 5
804/03/2021Employability skills: Form filling
911/03/2021Employability skills: Preparing for interviews
1018/03/2021Employability skills: CV preparation
1125/03/2021Employability skills: Interview skills
1201/04/2021Employability skills: Managing money
1322/04/2021IT Skills: Presentations
1429/04/2021IT Skills: Email
1506/05/2021IT Skills: Using the Internet
1613/05/2021IT Skills: Word
1720/05/2021IT Skills: Excel
1827/05/2021Positive Futures Wk 1
1903/06/2021Positive Futures Wk 2
2010/06/2021Positive Futures Wk 3
2117/06/2021Positive Futures Wk 4
2224/06/2021Positive Futures Wk 5
2301/07/2021Information, Advice and Guidance

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