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Adam Harper, Programme Lead, FdSc Environmental Science and Sustainability

Meet Adam, programme lead for our Foundation Degree in Environmental Science and Sustainability.


I am a Postgraduate of Ecology and Conservation from the University of Edinburgh.

I’ve spent several years working for international NGOs in the field of conservation. Previously, I worked as the Monitoring Coordinator of the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece, have monitored migratory whales and dolphins in the Atlantic, collaborated with the Marine Conservation Society supporting their Capturing our Coast’ project, and most recently was invited to join the Association for Nature Wolf. I am a Guide and Lecturer for Wildlife Seminars, a large carnivore conservation group with a focus on Wolves, Bear and Lynx in the Western Carpathians.

I am currently an Ambassador for the Sea Turtle Protection Society, Youth Coordinator for the World Wildlife Fund and I was granted Member status in 2017 to the Royal Society of Biologists. I am also a Youth Coordinator for the World Wildlife Fund.

About Me

I’m a qualified Technical Trimix Diver, with a big interest in shipwrecks. I’ve dived the D‑Day wrecks in Normandy, as well as the pre-1920 wrecks of the Inner Hebrides in Scotland. I have travelled extensively, and have visited nearly 50 countries to date. I’ currently also employed by Wildlife Seminars, taking clients out to the Western Carpathians to teach them about field biology and tracking skills for large carnivores. 

Areas of Teaching


      • Field Biology & Conservation 
      • Ecology & Conservation 
      • Population Surveys
      • Ecological Concepts and Applications 

      FdSc Environmental Science and Sustainability:

      • Introduction to Ecological Science 
      • Human Impacts on the Environment 
      • Biodiversity and Conservation


            Harper, A. (2017) Hazel Dormice in the UK, Mammal Society 

            Harper, A. (2018) Wiltshire Hedgehog Project, Mammal Society 

            The Archelon Bubble: Independent film on Sea Turtle Conservation (2008)

            Contributing author to Mammals of Wiltshire Atlas” (2018)

            Contact Details

            Tel: 01722 344290

            Email: Adam.​Harper@​wiltshire.​ac.​uk

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