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The student counselling service is confidential and available to all students. It is here to help students who are experiencing personal difficulties that interfere with their work and life at College.

Counsellors can help students to understand their difficulties so that they can choose to make informed decisions. Sometimes students want support through a painful time and may have one or two sessions. For other students, they may want more focused help with an ongoing issue and have several sessions.

What happens in counselling?

For much of the time Counsellors listen to you and try to understand how you experience your life. Sometimes they may reflect back to you to check that they have understood and for you to 'hear' yourself which can often be useful. Counsellors may use other ways to help you explore your issues and concerns but most importantly they are not there to judge you.

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Who are the Counsellors?


Gill Richards is in college based in D004E Monday - Thursday.

• preferably email Gill Richards (richgm@wiltshire.ac.uk)
• phone 01249 465367 (Chippenham)
• ask at Reception or Student Services


Jo Gianella is in Lackham on Wednesday mornings and Thursday afternoons and if needed on a Friday

email Jo Gianella (gianje@wiltshire.ac.uk) for details.
• phone 01225 756273
• ask in Student Services


Sue Matheson
is in College every weekday except Friday. She is based in Student Services.

email Sue Matheson (sue.matheson@wiltshire.ac.uk)
• phone 01722 344200
• ask in Student Services

Jane Saunders
is in College on Monday & Wednesday mornings in room E2.4 next to the Library entrance.

Jo Gianella will be in College on Tuesday afternoon, Thursday mornings and all day Friday in room E2.4 next to the Library entrance.

email Jane Saunders (saunje@wiltshire.ac.uk)
email Jo Gianella (gianje@wiltshire.ac.uk)
• phone 01225 756273
• ask in the Library

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