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Safeguarding Information

Wiltshire College & University Centre is committed to the wellbeing of its students and is aware there may be times when you need support and assistance with your studies or personal issues. The College provides a number of services to support you whether it be with student engagement officers, wellbeing advisors, counselling, sport and physical activity and equality and diversity. For further information on any of these services please email: safe@​wiltshire.​ac.​uk.

Safeguarding Leaflet for Parents:

Safeguarding Contacts

  • Designated Lead
    • Jo Kelly, 07824170018, Jo.​Kelly@​wiltshire.​ac.​uk
  • Lackham
    • Charlotte Hiscock. 07785950421, Charlotte.​Hiscock@​wiltshire.​ac.​uk
  • Salisbury
    • Mary Stanistreet, 08799201530, Mary.​Stanistreet@​wiltshire.​ac.​uk
  • Trowbridge
    • Phil Meek, 07795247599, Philip.​Meek@​wiltshire.​ac.​uk
  • Chippenham
    • Marsha Mars, 07824753630, Marsha.​Mars@​wiltshire.​ac.​uk
  • Apprenticeships
    • Maria Kozak, 07532385409, Maria.​Kozak@​wiltshire.​ac.​uk

Useful Links

College Counselling Service

Wiltshire College & University Centre Counselling Service: Confidential and Professional Support (Term Time Only)

We offer free online counselling for all students in Salisbury, Chippenham, Trowbridge and Lackham.

Email: Clare.​Hubbard@​wiltshire.​ac.​uk

Wellbeing Advisors at the College

Our team of Wellbeing Advisors are here to support any College student with any worries or problems, however large or small. They can support, guide, and help students to make the most of their time here at Wiltshire College & University Centre.

They never judge, are friendly and approachable and if they can’t help they will help to find the appropriate person. 

Simply drop them an email to arrange an appointment: all support is via Teams at the moment.

Trowbridge: Lyndsey Prichard, Lyndsey.​Prichard@​wiltshire.​ac.​uk

Salisbury: Liz de Pass, Elizabeth.​Depass@​wiltshire.​ac.​uk

Chippenham: Chloe Jakubowski, Chloe.​Jakubowski@​wiltshire.​ac.​uk

Lackham: Kat Auber-Hill, Kat.​Auber-​Hill@​wiltshire.​ac.​uk

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