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Introduction to Interior Design


Art and Design

Study Mode

Part time

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10 weeks



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Course Overview

Anyone who has an interest in either Interior design or decoration and would like to further their knowledge and experience. People, who may wish to pursue a career as a designer or property developer and would like to know how best to present ideas and schemes to a potential client, or just how to re-organise their own homes. You may come from a different art discipline or have no art background at all, just a keen interest.

What will I learn?

- How to mix colours and produce schemes.
- How to design from a given floor plan and how to produce your own.
- Select fabrics, finishes and furniture. Collect trade information and samples.
- Produce scaled floor plans, elevations and sample boards.
- Look at furniture layout and understand positioning of services relevant to the interior.
- Measured drawing survey leading to production of your own scaled floor plan.
- Produce technical drawings and present ideas.
- Gain an insight into the work of influential designers and architects.

Course Details:
- Colour mixing using a colour wheel. How to create specific schemes.
- Work from a scaled floor plan of a large open plan interior and organise the space to include a living, dining, kitchen and study area, by use of partitioning and furniture.
- Produce and present mood boards using relevant samples to illustrate the scheme.
- Learn how and where to source trade samples and catalogues.
- Learn about scale by using a scale ruler, scaled floor plans and elevations.
- Produce technical drawings of interior floor plans and elevations.
- Produce a measured drawing survey of a room using a tape measure and scale ruler.
- Using your own floor plan, you may either follow a given design brief or you may take the opportunity to re-design a room of your own, either for yourself or for a friend.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements associated with this course.

Additional Costs and Information

It is not necessary to buy materials before the start of the course.
You may be able to purchase sheets of tracing / cartridge paper from the tutor as and when you need it.
Gouache paints- primary red, yellow and blue, black and white.
A scale ruler including scales 1:50 and 1:20.
A2 size piece of poly- board.
Tee square, set square, a range of pencils ie 2h,4h and hb. Masking tape, pritt stick., double sided tape.
A2 size piece of MDF( to be used as a drawing board).
Two drawing pens in nib thicknesses 0.1 & 0.8.
Reference information, that you will gather while on the course, including trade brochures, catalogues and interiors magazines.
Any kind of portfolio, size A2 or A4 to display and keep your drawings in.
For your mood boards, you will need to collect samples, finishes and photos.

You will wish to collect samples and information by visiting trade showrooms and trade exhibitions which happen at various times in the year, so you will incur some travel costs.
Interior design magazines such as Living Etc any books that are relevant to the subject.

This course will take place on one day per week at the Salisbury campus, the details are:
04.05.22-13.07.22 Wednesday 09:30-12:30

What Could I Do Next?

All of the courses can either follow on or work as stand alone courses. Interior Design level 2- Designed to enable you to refine your new skills by working on a new set of projects. Interior design- Level 3- More projects to develop your skills.

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