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Introduction to Interior Design


Art and Design

Study Mode

Part time

Start Date



10 weeks



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Course Overview

Anyone who has an interest in either Interior design or decoration or has already completed an Introduction to Interior Design and wishes to develop their skills. People who may wish to pursue a career as a designer or property developer or simply how to put ideas together to decorate, furnish or renovate their own homes.

What will I learn?

Historical context of design.
Production of an illustrated elevation showing changing styles of the interior.
Work on scaled floor plans, elevations and axonometric drawings and a sample board for each scheme.
Look at furniture layout and understand positioning of services relevant to the interior.
To Design a contemporary Arts and Crafts style Victorian bedroom with an en-suite bathroom.
To Design a home office for another learner in the group, considering style, use and ergonomics.
To design soft furnishings for the room schemes.
Produce technical drawings and present ideas.
Improving rendering skills.
Various ways in which lighting is used in the interior.
The impact of textures on the Interior.
Collect and record various types of textures. Interiors are made-up of a whole range of these and again will help to focus ideas and choose finishes which are relevant to the interior that we are designing.
To design an Arts and Crafts style Interior with a contemporary feel.
Use our knowledge of scale to organise furniture onto scaled floor plans.
Consider lighting, heating and services.
Choose all fabrics and finishes and design own soft furnishings to compliment the schemes.
Looking at the historical context of design helps the designer to appreciate how ideas have evolved and how they can be improved.
A second project is to design a home office to a client’s specification. An important exercise which will help you gain an insight into designing a space for someone else. To achieve this you will work closely with another member of the group acting as your client and you in turn, will be their client.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements associated with this course.

Additional Costs and Information

Tracing paper and cartridge paper can be bought from the tutor by the sheet.
Scale ruler showing scales 1:50 and 1:20, or you can loan one from the tutor if you prefer.
Coloured pencils. Again these can be loaned by the tutor.
Sheet of poly board.
Tee square, set square, a range of pencils ie 2h,4h and hb. Masking- tape, pritt- stick, again these can be loaned from the tutor.
A2 Size piece of MDF which will be used as a drawing board (only if you wish to do drawings at home).
A couple of drawing pens in different nib thicknesses ie 0.1 – 0.8 if you wish to do finished drawings.
Reference information that you will gather while on the course.
A portfolio or some kind or folder in which to keep your drawings.

Additional Costs: You will wish to collect samples and information by visiting trade showrooms and trade exhibitions which happen at various times in the year, so you will incur some travel costs.
Interior design magazines such as Living Etc. Any books that are relevant to the subject.
There are no exam fees.

This course will take place on one day per week at the Salisbury campus, the details are:
15.09.21-24.11.21 Wednesday 09:30-12:30

What Could I Do Next?

Interior design Stage 3- This course can either follow on from the previous courses or can be a stand alone course. There will be an opportunity to develop any skills that you may already have, while working on some new and exciting projects.

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