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Introduction to Astronomy

Key course information



6 weeks

Part time


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Course Overview

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered whether those points of light are holes poked into the blanket of night? Ancient philosopher’s thought this was the case. Ever wonder why the stars twinkle? What even is a star?This six week course will give you an introduction into the wonders of astronomy. From the early beginnings of the great philosopher’s thinking the universe revolved around us to modern telescopes you can observe the night skies from your back garden. Learn what light is, the vast distances to the stars and time travel every time you look up. Join us and start your own adventure into the wonders of astronomy!

What will I learn?

The topics covered in this course will be:

Introduction, course content and a history of astronomy in our solar system.

Session 1
Introduction, course content and a history of astronomy in our solar system.

Session 2
What is Light.
Spectrum (Visible light), refraction (Rainbows), Why is the sky blue, red at sunset? Why do stars twinkle and planets don’t … as much, light pollution, distance and time travel.

Session 3
Celestial sights for everyone
What to see with the naked eye / Binoculars in the night sky,
Planets and moons, Brightest stars, Aurora, shooting stars / meteor showers, satellites, Constellations / asterisms and comets.

Session 4
Turn Right At Orion
What to see through a telescope in the night sky,
Messier Objects – Nebular, faint comets, galaxies and clusters.
Solar Astronomy – Projection, Solar filter, Pin hole.

Session 5
Light Buckets
What is a telescope,
Different types – Refractor, Reflector, Cassegrain
Types of mount – AZ and EQ

Session 6
Buyers guide
What to buy and what to avoid
Mount and tube combos
Eye pieces, lenses, filters
Value for money
Cheap and easy way to start into astrophotography.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements associated with this course.

Study, Assessment and Qualifications

Assessment is informal, based on your personal targets and the learning outcomes and will be undertaken regularly with you by the course tutor.

Additional Costs and Information

There are no additional course costs.

If you would like to take notes please bring a pen and paper.

This course will take place on evening day per week at the Trowbridge campus, the dates and times are:
13.09.21-18.10.21 Monday 19:00-21:00

What Could I Do Next?

On completion of your course you may choose to progress onto these following courses

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