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French — Conversation (Part 1)

Key course information



10 weeks

Part time


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Course Overview

For this online course you need to have a basic level of French grammar (at least present tense of most used verbs) and vocabulary. You may be a frequent visitor to France or just want to revive your rusty GCSE level French through conversations and situations about what is typically French behaviours, habits and culture. This course intends to be vocabulary-based with minimum grammar input. Emphasis will be on accurate pronunciation as well as fluency.This course will not meet the needs of a complete beginner. The main focus of the course is to maintain fluency through regular practice whilst using culture-based events and present French life.

What will I learn?

On completion you should be able to experience:
- better pronunciation
- better listening and speaking
- a wider vocabulary range
- an improved ability to answer questions in French
- an improved ability to engage a conversation in French
- a better understanding of French culture
- an increased confidence in using the language

The contents of the course will very much depend on the interests of the group and aspects of French culture they want to explore. The intention is to cover the following topics :
- personal details (family, work, house, habits)
- interactions: asking questions and giving answers (quizzes)
- food (likes and dislikes, French specialities, regions)
- holidays/tourisms (finding your way around, transports, booking trains, hôtels)
- leisure activities
- some current affairs

Entry Requirements

You need to have a basic level of French grammar and vocabulary to have a basic conversation in French or have a rusty GCSE level in French.

Study, Assessment and Qualifications

Assessment is informal, based on your personal targets and the learning outcomes and will be undertaken regularly with you by the course tutor.

Additional Costs and Information

There are no additional course costs.

This course runs on one day per week online and the dates are:
27.04.21-06.07.21 Tuesday 12:00-13:30

What Could I Do Next?

On completion of your course you may choose to progress onto these following courses

You could enrol on French Conversation (Part 2) to further develop your language skills

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