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Creative Jewellery Workshop — Advanced

Key course information

Art and Design


10 weeks

Part time


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Course Overview

Ideal for learners who have attended our Creative Jewellery workshops and wish to progress, you should have experience of jewellery design and have practical knowledge of the main jewellery making techniques such as annealing, silver soldering, piercing, filing and polishing.You will have an opportunity to experiment with a broad range of jewellery techniques, materials and processes in order to design and complete your own lecturer supported projects.

What will I learn?

On completion of this course learners should be able to plan and manage workshop time effectively, develop designs using different materials economically and be able to create finished products from original ideas and designs to high standards of workmanship. Workshop Health and Safety will be covered, such as the use of machinery and hand tools, and personal safety regarding the use of naked flame gas torches and chemical metal cleaning solutions. Learners will be assessed as to their capabilities and guidance will be given by the lecturer regarding their proposed course projects. Lecturer workshop demonstrations on various jewellery techniques and processes will be given to help learners to develop their jewellery fabricating skills. This practical course is project based and will therefore require individual lecturer contact enabling learners to focus on creating their personal portfolio.

Entry Requirements

Learners should have a prior understanding of the jewellery making process and the skills to design and create jewellery, with a desire to spend more time in the workshop to hone their skills and work on their own projects.

Study, Assessment and Qualifications

Assessment is informal, based on your personal targets and the learning outcomes and will be undertaken regularly by the course lecturer. There are no final qualifications associated with this course.

Additional Costs and Information

Learners are advised to wear old clothing and appropriate protective footwear in the workshop. Learners should bring a note pad and pen, A4 size folder, pencil case containing permanent black fine-nib pen, 30cm/12” ruler, drawing compass, collection of hard and soft grade (H & B) pencils and rubber eraser.

The lecturer will advise you where to buy specialist materials, such as precious metal, stones or wires, however these can be purchased through the lecturer at a separate charge on a cost basis if you would prefer, subject to availability.

This course runs on one day per week at the Trowbridge Campus and the dates are:
13.01.21-24.03.21 Wednesday 09:00-12:00
13.01.21-24.03.21 Wednesday 12:30-15:30
28.04.21-07.07.21 Wednesday 09:00-12:00
28.04.21-07.07.21 Wednesday 12:30-15:30

What Could I Do Next?

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