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Anxiety Management

Key course information

Health, Care and Early Years


8 weeks

Part time


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Course Overview

This course is for people who are supporting others in their recovery from anxiety, whether as professionals, friends, colleagues or family. You may be a professional (therapist, coach, counsellor, bodyworker or teacher) who wants more ideas and skills to help clients who come to your practice. You may have people in your family or a colleague who struggles with anxiety and would like to feel more confident in your ability to help them, without becoming a therapist, or be exhausted by having someone in your life whose anxiety is wearing you down and want to find a way of taking care of yourself. Let’s face it - anxiety is everywhere, all of us have some experience of it.

What will I learn?

This course brings together the latest findings from neurology, psychology and physiology. We will look at how anxiety affects, and is affected by, our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health, what anxiety is and why and how it affects some people more than others. This course is not a therapy programme, however we will be asking you to use some of your own experiences and to try out some of the techniques for yourself. We will cover: how anxiety relates to depression and stress; your innate resources - the toolkit that we can use (or misuse); effective strategies for managing anxiety; putting this all into practice and building resilience

Entry Requirements

All you need to bring is an open and enquiring mind. There will be some taught aspects, but most sessions will be in more of a workshop style. There is no required homework or reading, but we will offer some resources for you to explore in your own time if you so wish.

Study, Assessment and Qualifications

Assessment is informal, based on your personal targets and the learning outcomes and will be undertaken regularly with you by the course lecturer.

Additional Costs and Information

There are no additional course costs. However if you wish to purchase a set of Anxiety Freedom cards these are available from the lecturer at a cost of £25.

What Could I Do Next?

On completion of your course you may choose to progress onto these following courses

Health, Care and Early Years

Career Opportunities

  • Teaching Assistant
  • Youth Worker
  • Social Worker

  • Psychologist
  • Teacher
  • Children's Nurse

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