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Students become first to get game published whilst studying at College
01 February 2019

Students become first to get game published whilst studying at College

Two Salisbury students have become the first to have a computer game published whilst still studying at Wiltshire College & University Centre. 

Jack Coleman and William Batty-Smith, both HNC Computer Games Animation students, say they feel hugely proud that their game Hectic Highways has been released today (Friday 1st February) on the international digital distribution platform – Steam.

Will, aged 19 from Mere, said: “We are really thrilled that Hectic Highways has been released on Steam, which is the platform for computer games and we are also very proud.”

The game is the result of seven months hard work and features 15 different levels across four different environments.

In May 2018, Jack and Will, who were then on the Level 3 Games Development course took part in the College Games Jam and developed a car racing game which would eventually become, Hectic Highways.

They teamed up with another Level 3 student, who focussed on 3D modelling and a friends of Jack’s studying Graphic Design at university, joined them as a concept artist.
With Jack specialising in designing the levels and Will as an asset creator, it wasn’t long before they realised they had something that would appeal to others - and Steam agreed!
Jack, 18, from Salisbury, said: “We sent it off to Steam and were delighted when they approved it.
“Since then we have been working on promoting it ahead of the launch and just can’t wait to see it live.”

Hectic Highways can be played on PC and it has already been tested out by fellow Games students, who say it’s definitely a challenge!

Jack said: “Lots of the students here at College have tried playing it, but so far I am the only one to have completed it.

“I think people would describe the game as addictive but also frustrating as if you crash, you have to start the whole level again.

“We deliberately did that to make it more challenging, that’s the game!”

Emilio Di Pietro, is the Deputy Head for Creative Arts, specialising in Games Development.

He said: “This game and the experience they have from it will prove a great asset for their portfolios and will help them to gain their first position in the industry after they graduate.”
Hectic Highways is available to buy now on Steam for £2.99 -  https://store.steampowered.com/app/1006430/Hectic_Highways/