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Wiltshire College is committed to the highest standards of academic excellence. Therefore plagiarism, cheating, copying and attempting to obtain advantage by unfair means is not acceptable. Please therefore review the College Plagiarism guidance.

The plagiarism leaflet is a handy summary which you may find useful.

Look through this guide on how to avoid plagiarism but remember that you can always ask your teacher, tutor or any of the library staff if you have any queries.

You can also do this by emailing your campus library via the Q&A section of the library pages.

Don't forget the useful powerpoint guide on how to write essays, do research and create bibliographies.

Copyright is also an important issue to be aware of - please visit the copyright guidance page.

Now you have had a look at these leaflets why not test your plagiarism knowledge in an interactive challenge courtesy of Lycoming College - Goblin Threat.

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