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Get more out of your reading in less time!

Click on the links below to go to worksheets and websites to help improve your skills.

Active reading using SQ3R - get more from your reading

Topic sentence - find out how to spot the key sentence in a text

Skimming and scanning texts to find infromation quickly

Reading a novel - get more from the books on the syllabus

Careful reading - read more effectively

Better reading - get more from your reading

Try the games and activities here to improve your reading skills

Guides and websites to help you improve your skills at writing essays, assignments and projects.

Presenting assignments - how to get your information in the right order

Assignments key points for the layout and design of your HE assignment

Writing essays - why we write essays and how to write a good one

Writing up a project - 5 point plan for writing projects

Writing projects / assignments - how do you decide what to put in?

Paragraphing - improve your assignments using paragraphs

Report writing - how to lay out a report. (Online version) (Print Version)

Evaluating assignments - Well, you've written it; is it any good?

Business letters 1 - online version & print version - how to set out a professional-looking letter

Business letters 2 - how to set out a professional-looking letter

Memo writing - how to lay out and write a memo - print version & online version

How to give a presentation

Click on the links below to go to the worksheet.

There are also links to websites to help improve your skills.

PowerPoint 1 - use PowerPoint for a professional looking presentation

Giving a talk - tips for speaking to a group

Giving a seminar - how to prepare for and lead a seminar

Tips for presentations - 13 hints for successful presentations

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