Diversity at Wiltshire College

Equality and Diversity is at the heart of everything we do at Wiltshire College and is also one of our Core Values. Wiltshire College is a place where everyone can be themselves without fear of discrimination or harassment and be supported to achieve to the best of our ability. This means not just for our staff and students, but also anyone else who comes in contact with the college.

Equality and Diversity is underpinned by the following principles:

  • that the college is a place where people should have equal opportunities and be treated in ways that are appropriate to their needs
  • that everyone at the college, including staff, students, contractors and partners has and takes responsibility to promote equal opportunities and celebrates diversity and actively tackles discrimination
  • that the college is a place where people are free from unlawful discrimination

We feel that anyone, regardless of background, opinion or need should be able to be themselves at the College and achieve to the best of their abilities and do the things they want to do. We feel this is morally the right thing to do and also feel that this will create students and staff that can actively take part in their local communities and the wider world and be active citizens. Equality and Diversity is celebrated by the college, through for example community campus events but also by ensuring that staff promote and embed this into their teaching. Staff will very much look at students as individuals and tailor training to their needs, whilst at the same time actively exploring some of these differences and celebrating them.

Although there is a strong moral argument for Equality and Diversity, as a Public Body we are also under certain legal obligations to provide an environment free from discrimination and one that actively promotes Equality and Diversity and the inclusion of people with what are called 'protected characteristics' (please have a look under the What is Equality and Diversity? link to find out more about what these are).

Under this legal obligation we also have other duties to show everyone what we are doing to achieve this environment, how well we are doing and what we are planning to do next. For example we publish data on our staff and student make up, action plans on what we are doing this year and also our Single Equality Scheme and other documents such as our Equality and Diversity policy. All these documents can be found under the How and what are we doing? link on the right hand side.

So that we can measure whether what we are doing is working we are collating so called monitoring information. These are the forms that you will find when, for example, you apply to work for us or come and study here. These forms ask about some very personal information and we appreciate that some of that information is hard to share for people. However we can assure you that we will use this information for monitoring purposes only and in the strictest confidence. Please help us ensure accessible services for all by filling these forms in. In the How and what are we doing? section you can find further information on this.

We always welcome feedback on everything we do, whether good or bad, so please use the contacts on this page if you have further questions about some of the content, feel bits are missing or want more information. This is especially important for our Single Equality Scheme so please if you could take some time to comment on this we would very much appreciate it. We also have a robust complaints procedure to make sure that any issues are dealt with as effectively and quickly as possible, this is explained further under the Complaints section.

What is Equality and Diversity? How and what are we doing? Gallery Complaints Objectives Annual Equality and Diversity Report