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Land and Wildlife

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Lackham’s 1600 acres of ancient woodlands, gardens, farmlands, river frontage, lawns and deer park make the perfect classroom for innovative practical learning, transforming your passion into a career.

Whether conservation or gamekeeping is your passion, our facilities make Lackham the perfect place to study and start your career.

Our Level 2 course in Land and Wildlife Management is an ideal introduction to the rural industries. At Level 3, our specialist pathways in conservation and gamekeeping will help you build a specialist skillset for your chosen industry. Our conservation course will give you an understanding of woodland and farm habitat management, countryside recreation and ecological concepts. You’ll gain hands-on experience of carrying out species surveying, tree planting and coppicing, and be actively involved in the management of the Lackham estate, creating and cultivating habitats for British wildlife and learning green woodcraft skills.

The gamekeeping pathway centres on the running of a commercial shoot: you’ll be involved from start to finish and learn about each stage of the process. From producing game birds to working with dogs and beating, you’ll work alongside our experienced staff to gain a thorough understanding of the role of a gamekeeper on a typical lowland estate. Every year the course ends with a celebratory beater’s day. A gamekeeper’s skillset is incredibly varied, and this course will ensure you are equipped to start a career in any aspect of countryside recreation.

What our students say...
I’d like to go into an organisation like the Wildlife Trust or RSPB, and this course is giving me the practical skills to do so
I enjoy the Game Days on Fridays, when we learn all about shooting, dogs, pest control as well as being out in the field – and we’re still learning out there.
Darcy Gove
Meet your lecturer
Chelsea Bubb, Lecturer in Countryside Management (Gamekeeping),

Chelsea completed her Foundation Degree in Countryside Management at Lackham, topped up to a Bachelor's at the Royal Agricultural University. She has spent time working on a mixed commercial shoot including rearing over 10,000 birds. She has two dogs: Bella, an English Springer Spaniel and Dudley, a 6-month-old Wirehaired Dachshund. Chelsea enjoys all field sports and can regularly be found out shooting.

Our Facilities:


The stretch of the River Avon which runs through the Lackham estate provides an environment for studying wetland wildlife and plant species.

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The woods at Lackham allow students to learn about and practise arboriculture and forest management, including coppicing, surveys, felling trees and providing environments for game.

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The Lackham Shoot

Our shoot days are open to members of the public and run by our students, with the help of our experienced gamekeeping team.

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