Apprenticeships at Wiltshire College

Apprenticeships are a great alternative to traditional learning, giving you the opportunity to work with your employer and develop skills needed in the workplace every day as well as getting a recognised qualification!

In fact, in a 2013 survey by the National Apprenticeship Service, apprentices were recognised as being 15% more employable than students with other qualifications.

At Wiltshire College we offer Apprenticeships in the following areas:


How do I apply for an Apprenticeship?

1. Current Apprenticeship Vacancies

You can search and apply for Apprenticeship vacancies through the National Apprenticeship Service. On the right of this page you can see all of the current vacancies advertised by local employers who are working with Wiltshire College to recruit apprentices. Simply click on the link of the vacancy you are interested and follow the instructions on the National Apprenticeship Service website.

2. Find an employer

If none of the current vacancies take your fancy and you know which industry you want to work in, you can start looking for employers in that field yourself and keep checking our vacancies which are updated each week.

Sometimes finding an employer quickly can be difficult, so we recommend that you apply to join one of our full time courses in your chosen subject just in case, and once you find the right employer for you, you can switch over to an apprenticeship!

3. Your current employer

If you already have an employer who is happy to take you on as an apprentice click here to register your details and we will contact your employer to discuss your options!