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Will Holt

Games Development | Year 2
The Ronin Prince's Secret
The prince stood there as the three figures approached him. Crooks for sure, they were the nastiest looking people he'd ever seen. Still, with a quiet resolve, he reached for his sword. "Hohah!" One of them yelled. "What's a sword gonna do against our blasters? Face it, rich boy, you've got no chance." The prince continued his motion, ambivelant to the hulking man's voice, and with a strong grip, pulled the sword hilt from it's sheath, revealing nothing, a bladeless hilt. "What the...?" Exclaimed the smaller thief to his right, "Why would he--" His jaw locked itself shut, as he saw four small orbs with blades on emerge from the sheath, each alligned with six red lights at their base, and designed intricately to resemble their owner. The prince turned to the criminals, as did his blades, and said "You said you have blasters, right? Then I see this as a fair fight, have at you!"This was a piece I created for a personal project of mine, and this character was made to trial a many-character concept. (Made in Photoshop, using XP-PEN Artist 15.6)
Bird Warrior

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