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Rebecca Veness

University Level - BA (Hons) Photography | Year 3 (BA students only)
My preferred area of photography has always been portraiture. I have used the last three years to explore other areas of the subject (such as nature and landscapes) but always find myself returning to a studio set-up. I know I will always be attracted to the human features and my deep fascination for the specific detail of difference between each person.I will continue to work hard on both my technical skills and creative decision making - allowing me to have every chance of being successful in the photography industry.
My graduate project (and finished exhibition) is about portraying my own love for portraiture and the particular features found within this genre.With this series of images, I have homed in on specific sections of the original composition – accentuating unique elements of the models themselves: looking at the different skin types and textures, I wanted to illustrate the contrast between my two chosen subjects.It is exceptionally rare to find identical looking people and that is what I love about portraiture – having the knowledge that, fundamentally, we are the same and yet everyone is so different. And it is these different characteristics that so fascinate me.
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