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Ollie Davies

Music | Year 1
2nd Year of the Level 3 Course
Higher Ground Performance
I am a lead/rhythm guitarist studying the first year of Level 3 Music. I have played my instrument for over 8 years. I am very passionate about music and wanting to progress into the music industry, preferably wanting to become a performer. I also want to show everyone what a person and their guitar can really do. I also love to perform in front of audiences, I have had quite little experience with this but it gives me the drive to progress further.
Over the past year or so I have been required to complete several different tasks. This includes production work as well as performance work. Preferably I prefer more practical work.The video above is apart of our final Unit, this consisted of us having to produce about 20-25 minutes of original music to perform live. We had a total set of about 25 minutes. We decided to choose a Folk Rock genre giving us lots of room to experiment with new sounds or techniques to produce good music.Overall I believe all of the work i have completed this year has been successful.
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