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Nathan Gray

Art and Design | Year 1
UAL Level 3 Year 2 Extended Diploma in Creative Practice: Art, Design and Communication
Polluted Ocean
Whatever the weather, artists for centuries have been inspired to make art in response to it. Art, fashion, and photography throughout history, have revolutionised the way we think about politics, environmental/social issues, culture and even art itself. In the 21st century we are bombarded, through the media, by a constant stream of news, flipping from the personal to the global in seconds. This information often presents us with serious issues surrounding the weather and environment and this is what L3 YR1 have responded to.
My work visually presents the consequences of our neglect towards the oceans. All projects this year have coincided with elements of nature which has taken a forefront. During development, I explored Hokusai's 'The Wave' to relate to the projects theme of weather. Next year I plan to explore printmaking and illustration further.

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