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Mia Fry

Art and Design | Year 2
Visual Effects BSc (Hons), De Montfort University
Planet of Tenebrosity: Reaching Through
I have been drawing, reading and writing since I was six. I haven't stopped and don't plan to. I am passionate about storytelling and illustration and wish to tell stories through my work. My recent project is based on a story that has taken me two years to write. In the future, I want to publish comics and books.
This artwork comes from my book, Planet of Tenebrosity. It is alive with movement: the figure reaches forward and the paper pulls back against the figure like petals on a flower. This work is inspired by Frida Kahlo, Charles Avery, Thomas Allen and Anna Berry. These artists create their own worlds and explore their own experiences through their stories. I tell stories to reflect my own life and find comfort by channelling my trauma and illness into making things.
Mia Fry

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