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Lily Moore

Music | Year 1
Higher Ground - Level 3 Music Final Performance
I have always loved music and enjoy learning new instruments. I have enjoyed my time working with my bandmates at college and writing music together. I can play a handful of instruments however my main instruments are Drums and Piano. I have been playing Drums for about 3 years going up to grade 4 and I am now concentrating on learning new techniques that will help me with original music and working in a band. I have been playing Piano for a couple of years and find it useful to be able to play both instruments so I can play a variation of music and be more flexible with what I can do. I am interested in learning sound engineering, radio and other skills from different parts of the music industry as well as improving my confidence and performance skills.
The task set for our final performance was to create a 25 minute set of original music. I worked in a band with two other people and ended up writing five songs. Three with lyrics and two as just instrumentals. We used the instrumentals as intervals between each song so our set list ended up being: • Blue (with lyrics) • Rainfall (instrumental) • Never (with lyrics) • Blossom (instrumental) • Mr B (with lyrics) We performed this live in front of the rest of the music course and staff.
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