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Leo Mundin

Games Development | Year 1
Wiltshire College & University Centre

The main idea of Vastaria was to create a game in which the player would be able to immerse themselves in a game world in which they could take part in any activity they wished and go about an obstacle in anyway they saw fit. From the very beginning i knew i would be unable to complete the game a whole so I focused on the games aesthetic, low poly style. I ran into a few challenges when texturing an trying to import my models into unity as my colour pallet wasn't quite right and my textures in 3Ds Max would not export properly however, I managed to resolve this and complete what I had set out to do. I'm extremely happy with my out come and I feel I was able to produce a high quality product that met all of the goals id set out in the beginning of the project.

Screenshot 45 Screenshot 46 Screenshot 48 Screenshot 49

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