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Kayleigh White

University Level - BA (Hons) Photography | Year 3 (BA students only)
My areas of interest in photography are photojournalism and portraiture. I feel that these areas best represent me as a photographer - allowing me to push myself whilst exploring new areas. That’s one of the brilliant things about photography - having a fluidity and flexibility.
This exhibition is about demonstrating the photographic perception (from a sole viewpoint) of what it is like to live with anxiety: how anxiety can feel to people with the condition and, therefore, to share with the audience a visual taste of that feeling.Anxiety is something that can be invisible and overlooked in society: therefore, the ethos of this body of work was to enlighten the audience - allowing them a small insight into what could still be considered a taboo topic. Even allowing those who share the condition to not feel alone and appreciate that many people suffer.It is important that the viewer takes their own interpretation of the work whilst appreciating the suggested meaning behind the piece: the photographic explanation could not dictate an answer so that the observer could raise their own questions.
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