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Josh Bray

University Level - BA (Hons) Photography | Year 3 (BA students only)
Soundtrack to a Perfect Summer
Throughout my three years of study I have predominantly found music as my 'subject'. I love how the aesthetic of the artwork on a musician or band’s album cover, promotion material and music videos, when done well, ties up their musical era in neat bow. I want to be a participant in creating the excitement a fanbase feels when their favourite artist begins their new album era from the very first single to the final release of the album. It’s not purely the album covers that do this anymore, it’s the photoshoots posted on social media, the designing of Instagram stories, the consistent font used in album covers and every post the artist shares of that era. All these components are vital for keeping that aesthetic.
The Polaroid camera (for obvious reasons) evokes hints of nostalgia: old analogue technology in a digital landscape. So do vinyl record sleeves. And it was with these two considerations that this project was both developed and produced – to have an air of nostalgia: a hint of positive memories.Everyone reflects on positive past memories, and it is with that consideration that these images are of key moments of stillness (during the summer months) that are looked back to with fondness.Alongside each piece is a song that triggers a similar memory to that of the depicted image.Music is the perfect companion to nostalgia.
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