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Jon Hind

University Level - HND Creative Media Production | Year 1
HND Creative Media Production (VFX) Yr 2
Genshin Infographic
Hey, I'm Jon and have been working towards moving into the Visual Effects Industry. At the moment taking a few steps into the education behind it, progressing towards the goal of being a VFX artist. I personally spend a lot of time playing video games and also have an extensive love for all things futuristic and fantasy, this also includes where the world and industry is going (VR Virtual Reality and Ray Tracing). All of these different interests really help especially with a fascination of things like explosions and how they work what happens etc. So I think this path I'm heading down will lead me to the interesting place of the Visual Effects Industry with plans to create a brand new show reel...
The objective of this piece is part of a my work on the game Genshin Impact and a short Infographic that I had made for it. The picture is showing off the 3D Meteor which is created by the 5 Star character Zhongli. The actual character himself is a simplified vector art image whilst the Meteor was created in Blender. All of my assets were imported to After effects where I could track in my Meteor and combine it with my character and the text explaining the facts I had found.
Genshin Meteor and Zhongli

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