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Joel MacInnes

Art and Design | Year 2
English and Creative Writing, University of Plymouth
That's Not Love
Collage ended up becoming my lockdown hobby. I like collage as an art medium because it is easy to find interesting materials that make a good piece without needing fancy art supplies. With collage you can make a myriad of things with just scissors and glue.
This was inspired by a campaign made to fight abuse and toxicity in relationships. I wanted to incorporate phrases frequently heard in the media and real life that we don’t always think about. Women are told they are not supposed to wear ‘distracting clothing’ or that boys objectifying them is something they should prevent, instead of telling boys to watch their behaviour. I don’t think these kinds of things are talked about or challenged enough. I created a collage using relevant words and phrases from magazines and newspapers. I then created a drypoint using my collage as a template.
Joel FMP

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