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Henry Claus

University Level - BA (Hons) Photography | Year 3 (BA students only)
Over the last 3 years I have developed a distinct style to my work (using stylistic lighting techniques that work well to showcase the subject). I have worked with a number of local businesses - including coffee houses and clothing brands. This has given me a lot of experience not only in the field of photography but a wider sense of how to run a business myself. I have also been able to build a relationship with the businesses I work with, a relationship that has resulted in repeat work and evolving work with each client. I have built a series of contacts within my local community and by being active and engaging on social media I have begun to build my name and brand as a photographer. Over the last three years I have grown in confidence and ability.
Taken from a larger series of ten portraits, this work explores the idea of both peace and moments of reflection found in solitude. The idea was to comment on the effects that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on my close peers: a group of people whose work, businesses and general lives have been fundamentally changed by the events of this last year.The events of the last eighteen months have given little time for rest and reflection. The fear and stress, caused by this unseeable ‘thing’, have taken a great toll on both peoples’ mental wellbeing as well as their physical health. For this project, the subjects were asked to disclose a location (of their choosing) where they have found escape, peace and solace from the day to day battles we are all going through.Shot on large-format transparency film, the subjects not only occupy the physical space (both in their positioning within the image composition as well as the location) but also that of the mental space. With their neutral resting expression and square on posture there is a suggestion that, whilst they may occupy the frame physically, mentally they have ‘departed’ – leading to the simultaneous facade of them being both present and absent.The tranquility of their location allows them a moment to reflect, recover and rest in their own thoughts.
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