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Haydn Williams

Games Development | Year 1
Games development year 2
This is my third year at Wiltshire college Chippenham and its probably one of the best so far as games development is something I'm truly interested in so it pushes me to try my best as it's awesome to do something you love at college and eventually hopefully make a career out of it.
my idea was to design an environment in which a chunk of land has been launched into the sky and now it is floating there, it is supposed to look slightly in ruins. I developed my ideas a few times and changed the design style for some of the assets. my general style/vibe for the game environment is an indie adventure game. I used 3ds max to make the 3d models of everything including the floor itself and then used unreal to add all the pieces together and other ambiances like textures, particles, lighting/skybox, and more.
Finished Island

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