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Hana Kilty

Music | Year 1
Hey there! I am Hana, a trans musician on the autistic spectrum currently studying Music Performance & Production Level 3 at Wiltshire College Salisbury campus! My music tends to focus on the nature of one's spirit, the nature of mathematics, and the links between.
This is a cover of Tool's art rock epic "Parabola". It relates mostly to the kind of music I talked about in my introduction, with a heavy presence about one's spirit and body given to us. This song means a lot to me and relates to me regarding my panic attacks from my autism & anxiety, when I am in a vulnerable position questioning about the nature of my own life and soul itself. To relate this view of the piece to this recording I use heavy amounts of distortion and other effects on the guitar to overwhelm the soundscape so to say, while still achieving a clear emphasis on the vocals.
Frac merging of realities

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