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Ellicia Gosling

Film | Year 1
Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production
My film is based around the very important subject of drug use and addiction. This is an issue that desperately needs attention and one of the ways we can begin to overcome it is by talking about it more openly in order to understand it and therefore offer more effective support to those struggling. This is a problem that often starts from a young age and not only effects the user of the drugs but has a ripple effect on everyone around them. This is why I decided to focus my film on a young couple and how, as one spirals into addiction, it causes the other to be dragged down trying to help them. Everyone deals with these situations in different ways, which often become unhealthy coping mechanisms, so I wanted to show the different extremes from disassociation to over-investment and how that effects different people. I hope this film will serve as an opening to a much needed conversation about the dangers of drugs so that we can all broaden our understanding to protect ourselves as well as those around us.
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