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Delyth Evans

University Level - BA (Hons) Photography | Year 2
All You Youngsters Dress The Same
Born and raised in Wales I am currently moving into my final year, of my degree, at Salisbury - where I am looking at how fashion and still-life photography can be combined together.
With my SNA 2 project I wanted to push myself and create a whole concept based on location portraits. I wanted to incorporate the style I’ve developed thus far and bring it to a concept I’ve always wanted to explore, I’ve wanted to be a fashion photographer since I began my photography journey. I’ve had a fascination with how styles & trends are perceived in different areas from my own hometown of Merthyr Tydfil. Since beginning my degree I’ve developed a style combining still life & fashion. However, I’ve always had an interest in my community but found it difficult to approach the subject in the same way I would if I were in a studio. As COVID will share an impact on this project and I’ll be spending the beginning of the project in Wales I wanted to use this time to explore my community projects. I’ve always had a fascination with how the older generation perceive the younger generation and especially with the term ‘all you youngsters dress the same’. I wanted to base my SNA 2 project on the concept that although the younger generation may wear the same brands or bring back denim on denim, they all style them differently. I wanted to document that with this project and look into bettering my location portrait style.
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