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Caitlin Knight

Film | Year 1

Ten years on from an extensive vaccine roll out following a pandemic that swept the world, the side effects are starting to emerge. The first signs are enlarged veins, eyes turning to black followed by extreme aggression, crazed mind loss and ultimate death, a result of what was once considered rare blood clots, now appearing on the brain. On a loop, the one open news channel left to view, the Prime Minister reluctantly announces to the Nation that there is a problem with the vaccine, urgently advising people to keep safe and stay at home.

After horrifically losing her entire family and realising that she is unaffected by the vaccine, Abi is alone in her home and fending for herself. With no running water and a low food supply she has no alternative but to leave her home and go out to seek food and safety in the outside world. She soon discovers that she is not alone when she befriends Bailey, another lone survivor who she meets out in the woods. Just when she finds comfort in her new found sanctuary her life turns upside down again when the affected draw close giving her no other choice but to flee in desperation. How can she possibly keep running to survive? Where should she go now? Is there no other choice but to jump?

Caitlin Knight

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