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Ben Macnaughton

Music | Year 2
Mood Swings EP
I decided to create an EP which would consist of 4 original tracks curated from scratch by me and collaborating with other people to fill in my skill gaps. Last year I recorded an EP with 3 cover tracks and 1 original track so this seemed to be a natural evolution from that project and to build on the skills and experiences I had gained.
Mood Swings EP is a 4-song original EP underpinned by the theme of emotions. Each track is based on an emotion •Love •Anger•Happy •SadEach track is crafted around the titled emotion, focussed on the expression of the emotion via my own feelings, the feelings of my peers, a global perspective and other influences drawn from research, experience and expression. It reveals my heart, soul, expression and passion. Each track creates a unique atmosphere and I have sought to highlight the diversity and range of my musical ability.
Mood Swings Final EP Cover

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