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Ashley Cochrane

University Level - BA (Hons) Photography | Year 3 (BA students only)
Originally from Kent, my work is based around the everyday locations that seem ordinary, and, yet hold a historical importance. After my degree I am looking at undertaking my M.A. whilst continuing to push my work to galleries.
Britain’s island status has long defined its heritage and history and history. Its geological battlements (from the sea that surrounds us to the great cliffs that tower above the sea) and the patchwork or rural pasture and urban sprawl that sits at its crest. A landscape that has thwarted many of Europe’s greatest militaries. I embarked on a journey across these landscapes, looking at the way they have been used and manipulated by generations to bolster their stoic façade. I explored the architecture that was built at these places to enhance their defensive grandeur, asking the viewer to consider what it is about these landscapes that we British have endeavored to protect? It is easy to look at these structures and sneer at their ugliness, towering lumps of abandoned concrete, silenced in a lost era. But these buildings were, at times, all that stood between the continental threats of a bygone past. Buildings that made Britain, and her landscape, ‘unconquered’.
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