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Anthony Kasidov

Games Development | Year 1
Games Development Year 2
Re-Volt: Reborn
I'm a student who is currently studying Games Development so I can work on my knowledge on 3D art as well as implementing it into games. I've been trying to practice 3D animation for about 6 years, and began learning how to make my own assets for the past 2 years. I currently use Blender and would like to be a professional 3D artist in the future, whether that would mean being a modeller, animator, creating posters etc. My hobbies are making 3D art in my own time, playing games, and talking to friends.
My project “Re-Volt: Reborn” is of a 3D scene of an unsterilized subway station which is used as a racetrack for remote controlled cars when it isn’t crowded with the public. The idea was for it to be a starting level for a reborn version of an ancient game known as “Re-Volt”. It was made entirely in Blender and rendered in Cycles X. All the assets within the scene are created by me.
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