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Angel Hulbert

Music | Year 1
I'm continuing my extended diploma course for music through to next year and hopefully we'll be performing more.
Knife Crime, Just Be Nice
I'm Angel from the band Live Wire. I have loved singing since I was young and I decided to join this course in September to help me to build my performance skills, train my voice as I've had no singing lessons previous and to explore song writing. I am also taking this opportunity to try and improve my keyboard skills and learn how to play the guitar. My influences on my music is mostly NF and Mic Righteous in terms of rap and in terms of singing/ performing my influences are Ben Platt, Lauren Aquilina and Orla Gartland.
I wrote a song with the help of Lucas and Harvey and it is called Knife Crime. It was originally about panic attacks but as I was writing the song went in a different direction and became a song about knife crime. My other original track, Just Be Nice, was a solo piece which I had help to make the backing track from producer Jack Dorsett. This number is a rap diss-track which I wrote when I was angry at a situation that got me kicked out of my flat. Instead of using that anger for something bad, I harnessed it.
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