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Amy Johnson

University Level - HND Creative Media Production | Year 1
Second Year HND and Future Employment
Individual Project - Sweet Boys Podcast Animation Trailer
I'm a first year HND Creative Media Production student at Chippenham Campus studying VFX in film and television, animation and 3D modelling. I've recently joined the course after putting my travel career on hold, I have studied art and design previously but wanted to focus on learning new software skills and developing knowledge of the VFX/film industry. I also have a passion for amusement parks and tourism/travel and hope to one day work with visual effects or digital design in this industry, my previous animated infographic project from this year presented statistics on Walt Disney World. I hope to learn more throughout the second year of the course and improve my skills ready for future employment.
For our individual project unit, we were tasked with creating a piece of work that reflects how independent content creators can use industry standard tools and software to create their own products. With this in mind, I decided to focus on a YouTube Podcast channel (this being an example of Independent creators producing their own content) which I could animate a fun sequence to. There are other examples online of podcast and gameplay voiceover animations on YouTube but none so far for the channel I'd chosen, the style I referenced for my characters, backgrounds and colours was mainly influenced by popular cartoon Adventure Time, although the concept of an animated podcast was inspired by The Midnight Gospel (Also Pendleton Ward). All the work is drawn digitally on tablet before being exported and composed on PC using Adobe After Effects. The characters themselves were drawn on tablet and rigged in Adobe Character Animator, a webcam was used to record my head movement with a lip-sync added in to match the audio of the Podcast hosts. I also hand-drew other sections and animated these frame by frame on a flipbook style application before adding to the main composition. I am a fan of the original podcast which helped me to understand the important details of both characters and design them accordingly.
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