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Aiden East

Games Development | Year 2
The Tavern - Asset Pack
The work shown here was completed and handed in for my 2nd Year Final Major Project. For which I chose to use all skills that I have learnt and developed over the last couple of years. From "Hard Surface Modelling", "Texturing" and "Environment Art". All work shown was created by myself.
"The Tavern - Asset Pack" takes inspiration from modular asset packs found on online marketplaces, for developers and artists to use in their productions. I wanted to create a relatively large asset pack to showcase my abilities in 3D Modelling and Texturing, whilst also demonstrate my abilities in Environment Art and further develop my knowledge of scene lighting and composition. Although named as "The Tavern" and displayed as such, I wanted to build the modular architectural pieces so that they could be put together in any way that the user wanted, ultimately allowing the user to create a variety of indoor, medieval "townsfolk" scenes.To complete this project I used Autodesk Maya 2020 for my 3D Modelling; Quixel Suite (Mixer/Bridge) for Texturing; UnrealEngine 4.26 for Environment Art; Marmoset Toolbag 4 to capture final renders.
Poster Final

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