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Ruby Mars

Art and Design | Year 1
Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Practice: Art, Design & Communication
Perdido en la Cruz
My project basis is religion in Hispanic society, and its influence in art. Most of my work has a hint or religious symbolism in it. I focused on predominantly Spanish artists taking influence from their work. I would describe my bodies of work as expressive heavily filled with religious symbols, I wanted to use them because they are so known and universal and could mean more than a devotion to God. I am happy with my outcomes and feel they are very personal. I added my own experiences into the work. I feel quite connected to them and proud of them.

My piece of work was inspired by Antoni Tapies, a Catalan artist. He uses expression in a beautiful way letting the unconsciousness run free, so I wanted to channel his movement and mind set. I used lots of different materials: plaster, emulsion, fabric, twigs, varnish, polish, dried coconut all things to create texture. I used sustainable resources including materials that would have been disposed of or wasted. There is no direct message of my work its mainly subjective however influenced by catholic symbolism hence the cross being the main focus. You can make your own interpretation, how it makes you feel.

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