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Maria Jaroszewicz

Foundation Art and Design – Fine Art | Year 1
BA (Hons) at Arts University Bournemouth

Maria specialises in Fine Art and draws her inspiration mainly from a nature. Recently, she has been exploring the concept of fragility, hollowness and the illusory detachment of human existence through abstract ceramic sculpture, focusing on organic forms and cell clusters.

“Cells” is an installation of abstract ceramic sculptures that explores the concept of life’s fragility, hollowness, and an illusory detachment of an individual from its collective through forms of organic cell clusters. The artist’s journey started with her passion for mushrooms and evolved through the project into metaphysical and existential investigation into human nature. From mushrooms’ gills through microscopic plant structures, cells make up living organisms, yet individual cells are extremely fragile. It translates to human individuals where too often we feel vulnerable and lonely despite living in a collective we are part of.
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