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Holly Maggs

Art and Design | Year 1
UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Practice: Art, Design & Communication
Exploring the Forgotten

My project as a whole is based on the idea of the mystical and unknown and the way different cultures interpret this. My outcomes encourage the viewer to think without restriction.

The project is inspired by folklore of many different cultures, the main link being female water spirits. The legends of these women vary from Japanese spirits to Pagan deities to Rusalki. All these beings have a running theme of femininity, water and the moon; I tried to in cooperate traits from all of them in the garments. The corsets have patterns that look like Slavic symbols, as well as the black dress which I made to look like a dress depicted in old paintings of witches. The blue dress represents the lighter side with flowing fabrics to look like water. The style is similar to a traditional Chinese Hanfu, relating to the Chinese deity of the moon: Chang-e.

All of these not only link to lunar cycles but also female empowerment, which is another way of interpreting my work. The painting is open to the viewer to decide whether she's a spirit or a lady worshipping the moon.

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