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Clémence Baudrain

Art and Design | Year 1
Skin Of The Earth

For my final project, I've been exploring the beauty of nature and its many elements. I've been particularly inspired by the surface and foundation of the earth, and I have applied this inspiration to various forms of art and design. I have created and re-created the earths skin as well as using the natural elements from the earth to add depth and perspective to the concept.

I have created a piece inspired by Richard Long and Ana Mendieta. Using the flesh of the earth and my hands, I’ve created a portal that celebrates the beauty of nature. There are creatures that inhabit this space, both real and imagined, and I've incorporated Fibonacci sequences as well as some of Ana Mendieta’s own mud work. My portal is a living, breathing ecosystem, where the food chain thrives amidst the chaos. I feel that this piece is a powerful testament to the resilience of life and the majesty of nature.

Mud art rotated

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