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Amy Patterson

Foundation Art and Design – Fine Art | Year 1
BA (Hons) Fine Art - Solent University
Hidden Meaning

Amy Patterson is a Fine Artist who has been exploring the concept of ‘Hidden Meaning’ created using their unconscious mind through mixed-media, collage, and automatism.

Amy will be continuing their studies on the BA (Hons) Fine Art course at Solent University later this year.

The fundamental aspect to my installation is the juxtaposition contrasted using two intersecting walls, the right communicating an individual’s psychological chaos, with the left communicating an outsider’s surreal perspective of an organised chaos.

Using automatism has given a hidden and unconscious sense of personal identification, bringing about hidden meanings even I as the artist cannot fully comprehend. In symbolising meanings much like Miro’s surreal automatism work,

‘The Harlequin’s Carnival’, I have aimed to evoke chaotic emotions, with my centrepiece as a surreal clock, suggesting the irrelevance of time in comparison to individual moments we live in.

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