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Vincent Whittaker

Games Development | Year 2
University, Bath Spa
Final Work
Throughout the other Units of this year’s work, I have developed a numerous amount of different skills. From unit 12 I developed the ability to reference and look in detail what information would be much more important over certain information in regards for writing a specialist study alongside needed essays for future topic which this skill helps quite a lot. With unit 10 I learned a great amount of modelling skills, this will allow me to use these skills in the creation of my chosen topic of Level Design as well as in unit 9 the animation skills will also be able to help me in a sense due to the fact that we learnt how to use cameras thoroughly to be able to catch views from multiple views at once into a smooth contrasting video at the end of the render. After learning all of these new skills I defiantly feel that I have much further progressed my modelling and research skills from the first year of college.
This is a final screen shot of what I published as my work for the end of year two. End result being a recreation of a bedroom in a low-poly style.
Final Render 1

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