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Nadine Muir

Film | Year 1
BA (Hons) Music and Sound Production
I’ve observed a pattern where dark themes are becoming more common within the teen drama space. Shows such as Euphoria, American Horror Story and End of The F**cking World coming into popularity giving a wide range of themes/societal issues for teens to explore. I was inspired by Elodie’s storyline in Trinkets, which centres around her grief after her mum’s death and how it impacts her kleptomania, leading her to partake in SA (Shoplifters anonymous). I felt compelled to tell a story in which deals with the effects of loss and how it can make you question your own reality.Crymanal is also about grief, yet I put a thriller twist on it to satisfy my love for the horror genre. It begins in an unsettled Salisbury that is plagued by its loss of a block of flats that killed Theo and Lily Scott’s parents. Questions ensue on whether the fire was deliberate or a freak accident. I focused on storytelling and narration throughout my project to help develop my narrative and audio production skills that I will take forward in my career.My future aspirations are in music for TV and Film, as well as sync licensing. I’m excited to learn about sound for cinema as well as interactive music and podcasting/radio broadcasting which I will learn about during my degree.
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